?HPC? manufactures wide range of Pneumatic products. Our range of Pneumatic products includes

Pneumatic Cylinders :

1. Tie Rod cylinders (Inch series): we manufacture standard tie rod construction Pneumatic cylinders
Sizes: 1 1.5? Bore up to 14? bore dia (Type: Double , Single Acting, Tandem type, Adjustable stroke.)
2. ISO Series: ISO 15552 & VDMA 245662 Std pneumatic cylinder from 32mm bore up to 200mm bore dia.
(Type: Double , Single Acting, Tandem type, Adjustable stroke.)
3. Compact type cylinders (Sizes 25mm Bore up to 100mm Bore)
4. Round cylinders (Sizes 12mm Bore up to 50mm Bore)

Pneumatic Valves:

We manufacture all types of Pneumatic Valves, we have 4 types of series for valves (?S? series, ?R? series, ?M? Series, ?I? series)
1. Manual Valve (Spool, Poppet Type)
2. Solenoid Operated valve (Spool, Poppet, Direct Acting, Diaphragm type)

• Rotary Actuators :

We manufacture rotary type of actuators which can be fitted for 90deg & 180 deg rotation application.

• Accessories :

Accessories consist of all products which are used in line with cylinders & valves
1. Filter Regulator Lubricators
2. Ball Valves
3. Non return Valves
4. Flow Control Valves
5. Quick Exhaust Valves

Pneumatic Components
Pneumatic Cylinders Pneumatic Valves Rotary Actuator
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